Smartphones are game changing technology!

I received my Motorola Milestone android smartphone last Friday and have now first hand experience of the utility of such a device. It is a

  • navigation device
  • great “communicator” (micro-blogging, email, irc, instant messaging etc.)
  • e-reader (rss feeds, electronic books in a variety of formats)
  • mobile media player
  • voip/sip device

all neatly packaged in a gadget that fits in your pocket. Oh, and yes, you can also use it place or receive phone calls 🙂
So, just in case you don’t have a smartphone yet: get one! It’s a game changer.

Recent example: I took my mum to airport this morning (30 minute drive). After seeing her off I checked for new audio-casts (using Google listen) and saw one that interested me (Hadoop with Philip Zeyliger).
It was downloaded in no time and I could listen to it while driving back home which was a great use of my time.

Here’s some additional software I installed over the last couple of days:

Any other cool stuff out there that I missed?