Smartphones are game changing technology!

I received my Motorola Milestone android smartphone last Friday and have now first hand experience of the utility of such a device. It is a

  • navigation device
  • great “communicator” (micro-blogging, email, irc, instant messaging etc.)
  • e-reader (rss feeds, electronic books in a variety of formats)
  • mobile media player
  • voip/sip device

all neatly packaged in a gadget that fits in your pocket. Oh, and yes, you can also use it place or receive phone calls 🙂
So, just in case you don’t have a smartphone yet: get one! It’s a game changer.

Recent example: I took my mum to airport this morning (30 minute drive). After seeing her off I checked for new audio-casts (using Google listen) and saw one that interested me (Hadoop with Philip Zeyliger).
It was downloaded in no time and I could listen to it while driving back home which was a great use of my time.

Here’s some additional software I installed over the last couple of days:

Any other cool stuff out there that I missed?


14 thoughts on “Smartphones are game changing technology!

  1. TasKiller lets you actually kill applications to free up memory and make things go faster. Otherwise every application you open keeps running in the background and can make things very slow after a time.

    While not all that useful, I really like the tricorder app. It lets you scan wifi and cell signals, as well as showing other sensor data like the digital compass, gps data, etc. And it comes with a cool Star Trek-y interface.

    Also Google Goggles is pretty neat. Take a picture of something and search google for it. It’s still pretty new and needs some work, but It’s a great concept.

  2. Seesmic, EStrong File Manager, AK Notepad, AndChat, Barcode Reader, Beelicious, Google Sky Map, Pkt Auctions Ebay, Tunewiki, WordPress, Wifi Analyzer.

    If you root it, you get more goodies, like Wireless Tether.

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  5. If you have multiple phones, or just would like to forward texts to an email account or to another cellphone smsforwarder might be interesting for you.

    Disclaimer: I work for the company that made this app.

  6. FYI, I installed the following software on my phone. I suggest you install “Quick Settings” first.

    aTrackDog, AziLink, ConnectBot, DocRunner, Dolphin Browser, Easy Note, ExportContacts, fring, FxCamera, Gmote, Layar, LED Scroller 3, MotoTorch LED, MSN Droid, PlurkQ, PRO Paint Camera, Quick Settings, RemoteDroid, Robotic Guitarist Free, rTerm, Solo Lite, Voice Recorder…

  7. I’d like to see a phone come out that takes video simultaneously of the person you are talking to..I always thought it would be nice to see the person while you’re talking to them..Almost like in the Austin Powers movies..The technology is there..It just needs to be implemented.

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  11. I owned Milestone for 2 weeks. Then I sold it a very good price. I’m owner of an iPhone 3GS since it came out (1 year or so).

    The milestone is much faster than the iPhone when it comes to browsing. The iOs is like 2 generations ahead of android on the other hand.

    The Milestone devours the battery if you don’t kill the background apps in no-time. Apart from that it was a pleasant experience for a half-geek. The i-Devices integration was seemless using 3rd party software.

    Anyway, enjoy your excellent new mobile phone! 🙂

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