Looking for a senior test engineer

I am currently looking for a senior test engineer (in Zug or remotely) who is expected to lay the Q/A groundwork and establish automated software testing in our organisation.

Monetas is one of the hottest startup companies in the decentralised/crypto finance space. For more information about us please see a

To apply please send your CV to the following email: careers AT monetas DOT net. Thank you!


Vim mappings for the win

I mostly work in source code hierarchies where for a given source file X.source the location of the file with the unit tests is tests/test_X.source and more often than not I need to do edit the unit tests after having opened the actual source file.

Being the geek that I am I *obviously* need to come up with some sort of optimisation or shortcut even if it takes 10x as long as stupidly typing in ":e tests/test_X.source" all the time 🙂

Thankfully, the solution in vim turns out to be quite straightforward. The following mapping (conveniently added to your $HOME/.vimrc file) will open the unit test file when you type %%

nnoremap %% :e =escape(expand("%:h")."/tests/test_".expand("%:t"), "")^M

Please note that the last bit ("^M") is just one character (the Enter key) that you can get by typing ^V followed by the Enter key.

I guess what I should really do is write a configurable vim plugin that opens arbitrary files/locations based on the current buffer/location. Oh well, so much to do and so little time :P